Fascinating! Look closely at the word evolve. Did you ever notice that love is spelled backwards in the first four letters?

I always wonder if these things are just coincidence or are meant to be clues for those of us who are consciously walking this path.

For instance, dog spelled backwards is God. I always smile when I think of that because Maxie, my dog is like the father in the story of the prodigal son. (I’m sure you know exactly what I mean if you have a dog). Whenever I return home after being away for ten minutes or two months she greets me with the same over-the-top enthusiasm: wagging her tail furiously, licking my face non-stop and making the most precious whimpering sounds. Is that perhaps another clue: Who actually walks beside us?

Are you consciously walking the path? Have you started asking the questions? You know the ones I mean: Why am I here? What is my life purpose? What is the meaning of life?

Once you start asking those questions your life will never be the same. For those of you who have, you know what an incredible journey it is. For those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend it.

Let’s get back to evolve. The notion of evolving is seen as moving from a simpler to a more complex or better state.

Is that true?

If we decipher the clue we’ve been given the evidence supports the idea that evolving will give us the opposite of love or more accurately backwards love. It makes sense then that the more we evolve the further we will be removed from what I can confidently say is what we are all ardently searching for: Love (with a capital L).

The question then becomes how do we return to Love?

The answer must be the opposite of evolve: to devolve.

That was easy enough! But now how do we go about devolving?

All throughout your life you have been given enough data to fill the Empire State building on how to evolve: develop, progress, advance, expand, create. Everywhere you look this idea is being promoted and promulgated.

The notion of devolving would therefore, not be viewed as being advantageous by mainstream thinkers. Declining, degenerating, fading, worsening all seem to be in direct opposition to everything we have been taught is desirable.

What if devolving is just undoing?

Undoing what?

Whatever it is that is keeping you from the experience of Love is what you want to undo.

To start the process then of undoing you would first take a look at what you are thinking. Take a moment to notice the thoughts that are going through your mind. Select one of those thoughts and ask yourself is this bringing me closer to or taking me further away from the experience of Love.

Again, I want to reiterate that this is not the ordinary love that is talked about in romance novels or seen on the big screen.

The type of love I am referring to has no conditions. It will not suddenly disappear because you forgot to take out the trash or you left your dish in the sink. It is the only unconditional love that exists.

This Love starts from the inside.


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